University Student Design and Applied Solutions Competition

The Challenge

The challenge for the 2019 USDASC is to develop a system for corrosion inspection in difficult-to-access areas that can do the following:

  • Inspect, identify, and quantify any corrosion-related defects found inside a fixed structure at the competition event in April 2019
  • Move through the structure without human touch. System may be manually placed inside the structure and retrieved after inspection
  • Communicate the information it discovers to an operator on its own team
  • Succinctly report the location of the following items within 1 square inch
  • o   Presence of water
    o   Presence of surface corrosion, location, area and depth of corrosion      penetration
    o   Extent and type of coating degradation
  • Teams must work within a budget which is included in the official rules


The teams will need to compile the findings of the system and report the findings to the judges in a paper report at the conclusion of the inspection.  The format for this report will be supplied to each team.

Competition & Structure

At the competition event, the system will be demonstrated on a fixed structure.


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